Winslow Soldier Returns Home for Christmas

This Christmas was special for a Winslow family because their son’s tour ended in Iraq and the Company arrived home December 23rd, just in time to celebrate the holidays!  That sounds like a newspaper headline, but it wasn’t.  It was my son and our family that had the special joy of him being home for Christmas this year!

Our house the morning we left for Indy. Decorated for Christmas and a homecoming!

Spc. Lucas Beasley served one year in Iraq on Joint Base Balad with the 137th Assault Helicopter Battalion out of Shelbyville, Indiana.  He served as blackhawk door gunner.

Blackhawks flying over Iraq

Sandstorm at their housing


Flying over biblical ruins Babylon

This was my first time at a homecoming and I have never seen so many emotions in one place, excitement, anticipation, happiness…  I was tearing up at the sight of the children with their welcome home mommy and daddy signs, before the soldiers ever arrived.  The Patriot Riders asked for volunteers to hold the flags for the honor guard and several teenagers and children from the families did just that.  So for many of the soldiers, the first thing they saw as they were marching in was their child  holding that flag as they entered that door. 

The happy families anticipating their arrival.

He and about 100 other soldiers of Company C 1/137th arrived at Stout Field at 11 am.  3 knocks and the doors opened with Santa leading the way in!

Making their entrance

Marching in. Luke is on the far right.

The sight of those soldiers standing in front of us at attention with tears streaming down their cheeks is one I will never forget.

A happy sister & brother, Luke and April

Then it was  hugs, grab the bags, and let’s get home!   We are very proud of Luke as our son, but proud of what he has done for us as Americans!  Happy Holidays and God Bless America!


2 comments on “Winslow Soldier Returns Home for Christmas

  1. chris says:

    SUPER COOL!!! i’ll bet this was one of the best family christmases ever! tell your son, luke, i said thank you…and happy new year to you all!

  2. luckyoldman says:

    God bless our Soldiers!

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