1800s Winslow Indiana Occupations and Businesses


John Hathaway built a Mill on the Patoka in Winslow in the 1830s.  He founded the town of Winslow in 1837 and named it after his son, William Winslow Hathaway.   William Winslow Hathaway was a justice of the peace.    George Deen came here in 1838 and was a prosperous merchant and also founded the first charitable trust in the state of Indiana, the Charity Farm for the support of widows.  His was the first dry goods store in Winslow.   The Winslow Charter of Free and Accepted Masons were established in 1861.   J  W. Whitman operated a furniture store with Embree Hathaway, later buying him out around 1870.   William J. Bethell came to Winslow from Warrick County to practice medicine.   George Ashby started operation of a drug store in Winslow.   John D. and George W. , as the Beardsley Bros.  opened a furniture store in 1884 and it was one of the leading firms in Winslow.  They purchased the inventory of J W Whitman.    Byron Brenton began a mercantile store at Winslow in 1866.  James Carter moved near Winslow In 1848.  He was a shoemaker.  Robert Cromwell was a blacksmith in Winslow around 1860.  Charles Fettinger entered the grocery business in Winslow around 1881.  Embree Hathaway was a partner of J w Whitman in the store of Hathaway and Whitman, 1870.   Thomas  Martin moved to Winslow around 1850 and was a blacksmith, miller and merchandiser.  Alonzo Martin upon returning from the Civil war, received one fourth interest in Thomas, his father’s store.  In 1868 he purchased his father’s interest and became the sole proprietor.   Willis F. McCoy, in 1882 purchased the drug business of George B. Ashby.   Joseph Millard was a blacksmith in Winslow around 1860. In 1879 he started keeping a grocery in Winslow.   John F. Thomas returned from the war and about 1880 became a partner in the mercantile and furniture business known as Thomas & Berton, becoming sole proprietor a year later.  Edward Williams built the 3 story flour mill in Winslow, known as the Patoka Valley Mill in 1883.   George Montgomery was doctor in Winslow for about 30 years between 1850 and 1880.  Newton Brenton one of the pioneer settlers of Pike county, began selling groceries in Winslow in 1851. The firm was known as Brenton & Winslow until retiring in 1884.   James M. Beardsley practiced medicine in Winslow beginning in 1881.   Samuel F. Dedman operated a mill around Winslow in 1842.   James Madison Evans  of Winslow was a carpenter, schoolteacher, shoemaker, miller, and cabinet maker from 1844 to 1860.   Captain Nathan Evans of Winslow was a justice of the peace in 1875.  He was a good carpenter and contractor.      *information  from Goodspeeds History of Pike and Dubois County, 1885

1881 Plat Map of Town of Winslow

Patrons of Patoka Township, Winslow:   Bee, George, gentleman, from England, settled here in 1839  Brenton, N. , merchant, born Pike County, settled here 1817   Brenton, B., merchant, born Indiana, settled here 1845   Beardsley, JM, Physician, born Warrick County, settled here 1881   Curtis, FH, Farmer  & Assessor, born Kentucky, settled here 1854  Fettinger, George Sr., Farmer, born Wabash, IL, settled here 1834   Hathaway, WW, Farmer, born Pike County, settled here 1837   Montgomery, GB, physician, born Indiana, settled here 1851   Selby, EM, Farmer, born Pike County, settled here 1851   Thomas, Thellie, Lady, born Pike County, settled here in 848   Whitman, J Jr., Merchant, born Pike County, settled here in 1854     *1881 Pike and Gibson County Atlas

Early Winslow Main Street

C.B. Montgomery ,  Physician and Surgeon, Office and Res in Winslow    J. M. Beardsley, Physician and surgeon, Office in Winslow   Brenton and Martin, Dealers in Dry Goods and Notions, Groceries   Newton Brenton, Dealer in dry goods, notions, and clothing *1881 Pike and Gibson County Atlas

Brick made at Oak Hill Brickyard. Found on Center Street

McConnell’s Harness Shop on Main Street    Warren Smith, hotel  owner    Matthew Foster, Mill    Dan Crow, Merchant     William Long, Blacksmith    H. Katterjohn, flour mill    Joseph Taylor, Potter    H. Beard & H. Springer, Tanners    Bee Family, Photographers   Early doctors:  JM Beardsley, WJ Bethell, D Detar, Lewis, Perry Brown (1850 census lists Perry as a root doctor), Josiah Brown, CB Montgomery

Dearing Cash Grocery 1913 Calendar Plate Leroy Dearing ran a grocery on Cherry Street according to the 1910 census.

Richard Stewart, Butcher   Newton Brenton, Merchant   Thomas Martin, Blacksmith   AJ Wells, Merchant   N.V. Evans, schoolteacher   Samuel Nash, blacksmith  James Hillman, tavernkeeper   Gustoff Frank, Merchant   John Norrick, Miller   William McCrew, shoemaker   Sanford Taylor, grocerykeeper    David DeTar, physician   JW Norrington, carpenter   Charles Bee, Sadler   A Fettinger, Cooper   James J. Jones, Merchant   Hugh Penner, Miller   M Frambone (sp?), Engineer   James Edmonson, Merchant   George Detar, Physician   Lurina Parker, Milliner   GB Montgomery, Physician   William Berry, Plasterer   George Bee, Tinner   Elijah Milton, Tobacconist   William Haley, Carpenter     *1860 Census

Main Street Winslow Around 1910

Harrison Dedman, Peddlar   Phillip Crow, Miller   Jessee Crow, Miller   James Hillman, Dry goods merchant   Jacob Weedman, cabinet maker   Harrison Ferrell, Miller   William Henry, L Mech__ House   William Burch, Carpenter   Daniel Harrison, Sawmill   AC Polkinton, Shoemaker  JJ Wells, dry goods store   Noble Whitman, dry goods mercantile   Theodore Hammond, dry goods store  Byron Brenton, dry goods store   James Edmondson, dry goods store   William Spencer, carpenter   A Whitman, dry goods dealer   Jesse Bryant, (business that I can’t read too light)   GB Burch, Carpenter   Robert Cromwell, Blacksmith  George Bee, tin shop  Wm Skelton, carpenter   JP Aust, doctor   Joseph Millard, Miller   Charles Bee, Sadler   John Gay, Constable   JB  Montgomery, doctor   Ashby Cox, Cooper   Allen Polk, cooper   Thomas Martin, Butcher   Alonzo Martin, Druggist  George Detar, Doctor  Newton Brenton, dry goods store   Cicero Agee, doctor   George Maxwell, factory hand   Emeree Hathaway, Dry goods store   EA Black, Engineer   WF Armstrong, Miller   JH Michell, blacksmith  Elijah Lucas, S__tent  _ight Dealer    *1870 Census

Winslow Depot and Lumber Business Pre 1900

Logan Robling, Produce peddlar   Alonzo Martin, Druggist   JW Norrington, Proprietor of  _____   JF Mendenhall, cabinet maker   WF Kinman, carpenter   Thomas Martin, dry good store   TA Johnson , Blacksmith   GB Montgomery, Physician   Jesse Bryant, Works in Sawmill   FT Aust, Physician   John Evans, carpenter   George Bee, retired tin smith   CH Bee, sadler   Newton Brenton, retired dry goods owner   Julie Brenton, teacher   CH Jenkins, confectioner   W. Spencer, carpenter   John Crow, Hotel Keeper   A.W. Carter, wagon maker  *1880 Village of Winslow Census

Batson Bakery Business Card


4 comments on “1800s Winslow Indiana Occupations and Businesses

  1. Karen Fulk says:

    Enjoy it. I found it surfing for my family tree. I was especially excited to see several on my tree mentioned ……Whitman, Hathaway Curtis. I am Karen Kaye Curtis Fulk. My parents are Marcia and Clayton Curtis. Paul Curtis the owned of the Curtis Funeral Home was my grandgather. I have copied and will attach it to severl in my tree. Loved the pictures!!!!!!! K

  2. Rose, I am fascinated by history in general, and Winslow in particular. Thanks for doing this. You are keeping history alive, and keeping that little town alive, and God knows it needs all the help it can get. Bless you for what you do. M.

  3. sharon says:

    I am trying to find information on Samuel and Annis (Adams) Nash. she died in 1854. Cannot find a grave mention at all. He eventually married Mariah Brenton Hunley

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