My Grandma and the Early Years at Muren and Turkey Hill

My grandma passed away last July.  She was very special to us.   I have wanted to post some photos and stories of her early years growing up in Muren and Turkey Hill.   Her grandfather, father and brothers were coal miners.   My Grandma was Barbara Katherine Bolin, the youngest child of Aaron and Margaret Sophire Dixon Bolin.  She was born May 20, 1922.  She had two brothers and three sisters.  This is the only photo I have seen of all six of them together.  This was taken in the 70s at Grandma’s house in Muren.  

Aline, Evelyn, Barbara, Lorene, Denver and Wesley Bolin

Aline, Evelyn, Barbara, Lorene, Denver and Wesley Bolin

The following photos were taken in Muren and Turkey Hill.  Grandma lived both places growing up.  She used to tell us a story of a large black panther that would wander the fence rows in the evening looking for scraps to eat when she lived on Turkey Hill.

Opal Simmons (?), Evelyn Bolin, Denver Bolin, unknown baby and Grandma

Grandma, Lorene Bolin, Evelyn Bolin, Denver Bolin and Virgil (Tyring?)

Evelyn Bolin, Grandma holding the doll, Denver Bolin

Maggie Dixon Bolin, Grandma, Barbara Dixon Frasier holding Cintithy Frasier, Evelyn Bolin

I think this photo is so sweet, especially the dirty bare feet.    Times were hard during the depression in the coal mining communities.  Grandma said relatives would drop in unexpected and Ma would just add more water to the soup.  

Grandma as a young girl

Grandma attended several area schools, but mostly Muren School.   Another story she told was she and her sister Evelyn had one pair of socks between them that they took turns wearing.  The school was taking the children to the zoo at Evansville and they both wanted to wear the socks.  Somehow Evelyn won.  She washed the socks and laid them out by the stove to dry.  She had them too close and the socks burnt up. 

Grandma Wedding Day

Grandma, my Grandpa Bill Lynn and their baby Billy Joe Lynn

Grandma in her new coat

When my dad was a little boy, they lived on the road off of Kitchen Corners that does not exist anymore.  It ran to Number Seven Road before the coal mines took it.  The houses there were built on stilts because they were in the old barrens.


4 thoughts on “My Grandma and the Early Years at Muren and Turkey Hill

  1. Really enjoyed looking at your photos! I also grew up in Muren. Our house was across the road from your great grandparents. The creosote office sits there now. Muren has really changed since then!

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