Good Graffiti: History in a Drawer

I found a yard sale treasure today.  I thought it was anyway.  This little table was in my neighbor’s yard sale.  It was later in the morning and no one had snatched it up.  I don’t know why, I snatched it right away.  Sometimes I see something other’s don’t.  It has been cut down and is a nice little table for a coffee table or a nook somewhere.   I think the kids will like it for their new house.

Little Desk/Coffee Table

It has a history.  A teacher at Winslow had rescued it from the old high school.  It was an old typewriter table, for the old manual typewriters.   It has a small drawer and board that pull out.  Inside the drawer is graffiti dating back to the 1950s.  Some of the names in it are:  Mike Deen ’74, Joyce Yager ’73, Roger Nichols ’72, Roger Young,  Phil 56-57, Dean Lee Sr. 57-58, Tommy Alvey, Phillis Carlisle Stendal, Roger Matthews 70-71, Bettina Norrington, Bob & Rosemary, Stanley ’66, Rog N Deb, Ray Allen Deen, Greg Richardson, Mitch Coleman ’69, and Terry Hawkins.  There are more, but those are what I could read. 






It just kind of made me smile this morning and have some good memories of going to school at Winslow.  I wish they had never done away with the smaller high schools.


3 comments on “Good Graffiti: History in a Drawer

  1. Martha Hamilton says:

    Thanks for sharing – oh how I remember those tables. Graduated in 1957 and typing class, being on the yearbook staff etc. spent an awful lot of time typing.

  2. gpcox says:

    These kinds of memories will always bring a smile to your face and similar memories to those others who see your photos.

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