Winslow Festival 2011

I like festival weekend.  It’s so good to see people roaming all over town.  There was music, an antique tractor show, a bonfire, a pancake breakfast, a flea market, a poor man’s car show, golf cart races, a fishing contest, a casting contest, a pet pageant, a street dance, some karaoke, concerts, a baking contest, lots of food, bouncy things and tractor rides for the kiddos.  Something for everyone.  The highlight in my opinion is the Light Up parade.  People are lining our streets and parked blocks back.  I see license plates from all the surrounding counties.  I know that is a lot of hard work and hats off to EVERYONE involved.  Here are a couple of pics:


6 comments on “Winslow Festival 2011

  1. Dinah says:

    Great pictures – Looked like a lot of fun! Love seeing these small town festivals 🙂

  2. omg… i wish i had know about the parade… makes me homesick for portland… i missed THE STARLIGHT PARADE this year, of course because I left… i could have used a little ‘rememberence of home.’
    thanks for sharing, and yes some pretty good pics!
    jamie @ this positive life

  3. Rose, will you be at the alumni dinner on Saturday night? Love to meet you, and compare blogging notes.

    • rose says:

      I was hoping maybe Rosie was coming home with you and would be in the parade on Friday evening. I have not made a reservation for Saturday night, unless something changes at the last minute. I will be a parade spectator. I am going to the chili supper and plan to enjoy some good company Friday at the old gym. Are you going to be in town on Friday?

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