Oak Hill Cemetery Postcard

I just recently  purchased this old  postcard on Ebay.  It is of Oak Hill Cemetery and the General Baptist Church in Winslow.  The church was on the same  side of the road as the graveyard back then.

Oak Hill Cemetery, Winslow, Indiana, early 1900s

The same view in 2011


6 comments on “Oak Hill Cemetery Postcard

  1. Charley McKelvy says:

    Great comparison with then and now. There is a cemetery like the one you pictured just north and east of La Porte on 600 East. Worth a drive in the country.

  2. billy1926 says:

    This is my “old stompin’ ground.” We Goose Hill kids played in the cemetery and used the path that cut to the left of this view as a shortcut to Main Town. I lived three houses east of the church
    from 1934 until I went into the Navy in 1944. (This would be just beyond the house visible in the current picture.)
    My paternal grandparents are buried here.

    • rose says:

      I go up there and walk around all of the time. It’s like a park actually. I wanted to work on some restoration there but have had other priorities come up in life. Maybe this will be the year. Thanks for stopping by.

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