February Contest

It’s the first of February and it’s 50 something degrees with sunshine.  I think I will head to the genealogy meeting  in my short sleeved shirt and I might even roll the window down a little.  I’ll admire the Easter flowers blooming.  Crazy weather.

Here is the February contest picture. They are always going to be in Patoka Township.   I’ll give two hints.

  • It is not in Winslow.
  • A church used to sit beside of it.

February Contest Hope it's easier than last month's 🙂

January’s picture was the step on the stoop of a house at the corner of Walnut and East Center Street.  I see it every day when I walk to the post office.

It is on the side stoop facing Walnut street.

I figured someone named Young had built the house and put the stoop there.   Maybe it was moved to this spot later.   I know the Mortons lived here recently.  I know Ruth Bottoms, Mrs. McDaniel (or Miss Goose to most of us rotten kids) lived here back in the day.   Judy Foust guessed about a Young family in the comments below the January post.  Is it the family who used to live here?  If anyone knows, share the answer in the comments section below.

Good luck guessing this month’s picture!


6 comments on “February Contest

  1. Lanora Kelley says:

    This one is easy–it’s the old brick store building in Arthur. When I was a kid , Silas and Golden Hornbrook ran the store.

  2. billy1926 says:

    Yeah, the lady beat me to it. You gave the location away by telling that a church had been there beside it. In the ’30s, the Buechele family owned and operated it. Their son Neal was in my class at school.

    Next were Kermit “Teewad” and Margaret Woolsey..

  3. rose says:

    I am not sure when it was built. The IOOF hasn’t met there for years. I think it was built in the late 1800s. I saw a picture of it one time in the old days somewhere.

    I shouldn’t have said the church,maybe it would have took longer to guess.

  4. Hello dear, you are loved, congratulations! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, check it out here:
    Enjoy and have fun 🙂

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