April Contest

Here is the photo for the April contest.

Have you seen these concrete pillars?

They are coal mine related.

Last month’s winner was Max Beasley.  His mother Bernice Keeton grew up in Massey where the picture was taken.  They were the old pillars in the Patoka River, what is left from the Massey Bridge on the old road that is no longer there.  I can remember when we were kids my dad taking us back there and looking at it when the mines dropped the bridge into the river.   Who was the man that lived on Massey road that had all of those old classic cars stored in truck beds and barns all over his property?  I was trying to think of it the other day.

Old Massey Bridge pillars


11 comments on “April Contest

  1. Max Beasley says:

    All I see are trees!

    • rose says:

      Haha…there are concrete pillars there. Luke knew it as soon as he saw it but he won’t play the game 🙂

  2. Tell us more about the bridge collapse and the mining.

    • rose says:

      It wasn’t really a bridge collapse. It was an old coal mining community from the early 1900s and when the big mines purchased it in the 1960s to strip mine it again, they purchased all of the land and dropped the bridge into the river because the road no longer existed.

  3. rose says:

    The photo this month was off of Number Seven Road, back on the Pigeon Pit Road. These are the old struts still standing from the old Ingle #7 mine tipple.

  4. Nancy (Abbott) Johns says:

    Phil Montgomery was my answer on Massey Rd.

    • rose says:

      I will have to tell dad. He couldn’t think of that guys name for anything! I will see what I can do about Turkey Hill. I know I saw a few stories here and there. My grandma used to live there and she said when she was little there was a black panther (1920s) that would come up to the fence rows and eat scraps people threw out.

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