How The Drought Looks Around Here

We have been breaking record after record for the heat hereabouts.  We had a ten day stretch of over 100 degrees.  Now the humidity is setting in and the 100 degree days seem so much hotter.

The last week, rain showers have been hitting and missing us.  Today we had rain in Winslow and they didn’t out on Number Seven Road.  But now it is like a sauna out there.  It was good for the plants and cooled the house roof off though.

This was the outside temperature on my way to work one of the days.

The grass in the yard crackles under our feet.

These cactus are flourishing 🙂

Crabgrass never dies.  It is thriving and stealing the water I give my roses.

I am not sure what this plant is.  It showed up this year all around the edges of my sidewalks.  Some kind of succulent weed?  Or did someone plant it?

Most corn is lost in the fields.  Just brown and a few feet tall with no ears.  This field on Number Seven Road by the old Rogers place is looking pretty good.

A brush fire started over on Highway 64 near the Line Road.  It burnt 620 something acres between the Highway and the Number Seven Road, and between the Line Road and the H Pit Road.  It was way too close to our little Patoka Grove Church for comfort.  Thanks to the firefighters it was brought under control before it damaged any homes.

Snakey Point is drying up.

In some places north of us the Patoka River is pretty low.  It is spring fed around here.

Mold is growing on the houses and roofs.  I can’t wait till fall to wash it off.

The tomatoes are practically stewing on the vine.

Pray for rain and cooler temperatures.


16 comments on “How The Drought Looks Around Here

  1. When I was back in Indy the last week of June, I could not believe how brown the grass was… the end of June for heaven’s sake! Should have been bright green and growing faster than one can mow.

    • rose says:

      I know. They say it may not break until October. It is ruining the foundations of some homes because of the ground drying up. Don’t usually think of those things happening.

  2. Linda Evans says:

    I really enjoyed these pictures. I liked the old Rogers place. I will never forget that area or any place on the Number 7 Road. My Grandparents are Jack and Doris Rogers. I remember that red barn so much. Jim, and I drive down that way alot. Jim told me that a friend of his and Jim would drive down that road, and see kids playing in the Rogers yard. He said he didn’t know that he was going to marry one of those kids. LOL
    The weather is really bad this year.
    Thank you for writing, and taking pictures of that area.
    Linda and Jim Evans

    • rose says:

      Thanks for reading my blog Linda! I know things are bad all around here aren’t they? I hope you and Jim are well.

  3. charleymckelvy says:

    Your words and excellent photos tell a tragic story of how Mother Nature turned on us. Great post!

  4. I hope things take a turn for the better there soon!

  5. Rose,
    So good meeting you, when I was in town. Nice and cool, here in Michigan today. I leave Wednesday for Thailand–35 days. It’s 98 there, every day, with about two inches of rain…daily. More upon my return. M.

    • rose says:

      So nice to have bet you too! Wish it hadn’t been so hot and miserable. Have fun in Thailand. See you around the blogging world!

  6. Things do look a little better now though, since we’ve gotten a little rain and it’s cooled down some.

  7. I have the same succulent weed growing in my garden. I’ve never seen it before and wonder what it is.

    • rose says:

      The closest thing to I could find was a plant called Parslane. Supposedly it’s edible but I’m sure not eating it.

  8. Fluffy Tufts says:

    I can’t imagine that kind of heat!! Here in Ireland, we had an extremely wet summer. It was a pity we weren’t able to send some of that rain your way.

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