New Old 1909 Postcard Winslow, Indiana

I just can’t stand to see these things on Ebay and not buy them.

This is a 1909 Street Scene in Winslow.  I think it might be my street.  East Center Street.

Street Scene, Winslow, Indiana 1909 #16

Street Scene, Winslow, Indiana,  #16

The reason I think it might be my street is because of looking at the old Commercial Hotel picture John Dedman posted on his Winslow Eskimo site it looks like it might be the same building from the other angle.

The Commercial Hotel, Center Street, Winslow, Indiana

The Commercial Hotel, Center Street, Winslow, Indiana

Or it could be somewhere else in town.  Maybe even Main Street.


There was a streetlight.

Back of card

Back of card

Someone wanted to have chocolate pie with Clellia Skinner.


7 thoughts on “New Old 1909 Postcard Winslow, Indiana

  1. I am almost sure this is on center street. Marie Dearing (I think) owned this and rented out rooms to people. Located close to where the library is in Winslow. If anyone remembers her, please reply….

    • That is where the house was on Center Street. And I think Mrs. Dearing lived in the house that is there now also. I seem to remember her sweeping the porch when I was a kid riding a bike around there.

  2. My ancestor William Ray Berlin owned and operated a hotel in Winslow in the early 1900s. Is this a picture of the only hotel in Winslow in that period or were there more than one hotel?

  3. My great, great Aunt, at one time ran sleeping rooms out of the commercial hotel. When she had it I’m thinking my Grandma said it was called Heartbreak Hotel. Thanks for sharing!

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