There are a few things going on recently that I want to share with you.

More than just the news that it appears Spring has FINALLY made an appearance in Pike County!

John Dedman, who authors the Winslow Eskimo alumni site at  has asked me to help him out.  Someday I will follow in his footsteps and keep the website going.   I am honored that he chose me to carry on the tradition.  He wants to start adding some history of Pike Central, because Eskimos do become Chargers.  Can you believe in 2015 Pike Central will be 40 years old?  We may start adding some Winslow Elementary Eskimo photos.  We are playing around with ideas to keep it active and alive.  We will always, always have the hallowed halls of Winslow High School and the beloved Winslow Eskimo teams front and foremost.   I miss those nights when you looked forward to filling that little gym to the brim and cheering on the Eskimos!!!  Nothing can replace those glory days of small town basketball.

The project that has been so near and dear to me and many others with an interest in genealogy and the history of Pike County…..hearts and minds have been changed.  The Pike County Genealogy and History Center will be happening in the old Barrett Memorial Library building.  I am sure Mrs. Barrett would be pleased with this turn of events.

The future is looking bright!!!

The future is looking bright!!!


The Genealogical Society is now accepting pledges of monetary support.  I know many of you in the past have offered support if the project would move forward.   There are some upgrades to the building that need to be completed to make it compliant.  If you would like to make a pledge, email me your name, address and the amount you wish to pledge.  Don’t do it on here in the comments.  Don’t send a check yet.  Contact me at and I will get your name on the list.







10 comments on “Newsworthy

  1. Claire Dixon says:

    Oh Rose! That is great news. I am so happy to hear that there will be a Pike County Genealogy and History Center! Congratulations on your new job.

  2. Jim Lamey says:


  3. Diana Ross says:

    You are a remarkable person. We are so proud of the wonderful lady you have become.
    Love you very much.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Now you will not only teach us History of the US and Pike county but you will carry on the WHS history also. What a great place to work. What great luck for us. My heart and thanks goes out to John for all he has done to keep WHS history for me and I look forward to the day you continue the past…;0)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rose, I copied your picture today. Thank you. I confider you my good friend and appreciate information. A personal event between me and my husband and information on this helps me a lot.

  6. Joyce. says:

    There’s other things I would like to speak to you about one day.

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