Ayrshire Patoka Collieries Mine



Joan Woodhull was kind enough to share her photo of Ayrshire Collieries.  It is from a postcard that Ruth Hammond had let her copy years back.

I believe this was originally Ingle Mine #8.

Read more about the Ayrshire Collieries at:

Chapter 18: Ayrshire Collieries Corporation – Dane Starbuck, The Goodriches: An American Family [2001]         Click here

Family, Farming and Freedom:  Fifty Five Years of Writings:  (start on page 6)  Click here. 



2 comments on “Ayrshire Patoka Collieries Mine

  1. airforce1967 says:

    Thanks my father worked at this mine for about 29 yrs. I had forgotten what it looked like. Good memories.

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  2. Bill Bussell says:

    I worked for AMAX Coal, and I have great memories from that time. The Ayrshire Mine was huge. I had the opportunity to take a tour of Southern Indiana coal mines, but never made it to Ayrshire. The offices of Ayrshire Coal occupied part of the Big 4 Railroad Building at 105 S. Meridian before AMAX operated the the entire 9-story building, and incorporated Ayrshire into AMAX. I thought it had a future, but it all disolved by 1992. Partially because of debt, and the clean air act. Arch Minerals became the new owner of AMAX properties. The old building at 105 became a hotel. You can see an AMAX dragline here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/35613416@N07/albums/72157622746313935
    At least I earned a pension from AMAX.

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