The Charity Farm

Misty mornings in May and the sunrise over the Charity Farm.








2 comments on “The Charity Farm

  1. Jo Ann Radcliff says:

    Thanks so much for this post, sure brings back a lot of memories. Love being raised in Winslow. Jo Ann Radcliff

    Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 04:25:29 +0000 To:

  2. billy1926 says:

    Thank you for this post, Rose. It is of very special interest to me. I served on the charity’s Board of Trustees for approximately 10 years, and acted as the board’s executive officer from 1963 to 1968, when I resigned in order to go back to school at ISU. The other trustees at that time were Lynden Sims (owner of Quality Hardware), Bill Evans (VP, Winslow Nat’l Bank), and John Chumbley (local farmer/poultry producer). John was the one who asked me to consider serving on the Board. He thought I might be interested because we had just started to rehabilitate an old, run-down 124-acre farm and start an Angus herd just south of the State Forest road (Crowville neighborhood). I was honored and accepted the invitation.
    On a contractual agreement, Herschel Tevault and family were the tenants who lived in and maintained the house and outbuildings, cultivated the land, and tended the livestock.
    When the Tevaults opted to leave the farm in the early ’60s, the Board solicited and screened qualified replacements, and chose Marion DeMotte and family from the Otwell area. They proved to be outstanding tenants and the farm prospered significantly. They also fit in exceptionally well with the Winslow community. Thus, the Board of Trustees was able to provide much more assistance each year for the eligible widows at the time.
    I haven’t been able to get back to Winslow very often since we sold out and left the community, but on the few visits we have made, I’ve noticed the changes to the farm that are visible from the highway. The big barn across from the house; most of the outbuildings; hog houses/chicken houses, etc.; and the fencing along the creek are gone. And the trees surrounding the house are much larger, of course. But it is still a beautiful, peaceful place, with many memories and rich history attached.
    William “Bill” Berlin

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