Last Day at Winslow United Methodist

Today is the last service at Winslow United Methodist Church on the corner of Lafayette and Cherry Street.  There is a good crowd for a sad day.




The Dispatch did a nice article on the church this week.  It was established in 1832 meeting in the school building.  They built the first church on the corner of Walnut and East Center in 1866.  In 1890 that church burnt down.  Two years later a building was built at the current location.  In 1921 funds were raised for the current brick church building.  It was dedicated in 1924.


Winslow Methodist Church 1908.

An interesting thing to note.  The parsonage pictured here beside the church was moved by the Dedman family to East Center Street.  It is the current rental house that the Eagles own.




3 comments on “Last Day at Winslow United Methodist

  1. Mike Dixon says:

    Sorry, Rose, My computer has become Unstable.  I will answer your wonderful comments on the end of the M E Church in Winslow. Mike Dixon

  2. Anonymous says:

    Spent many happy hours here and out at “Happy Hollow”. Does anyone still remember that place?

  3. James Risley says:

    I remember Happy Hollow, down by the road there was a creek and i use to walk it looking for small fish. lol

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