Fall in the State Forest

We took a drive out to the State Forest for this years Fall photos.

One day the Old Iron Bridge at Survant will be gone.  The county will be moving it to Petersburg as a walkover bridge.  I am glad they are preserving it, rather than seeing it end up in the scrap heap somewhere.



A stop at Augusta Lake


Waterfall at Augusta Lake


Augusta Lake Reflections




Old Iron Bridge at Survant


River and the Old Iron Bridge


Old Iron Bridge Fall Colors


Old Iron Bridge


River Rocks and tracks at Survant


Fire Barn


Old Fire Tower


Fire Tower Colors

Forest Path

Forest Path


8 comments on “Fall in the State Forest

  1. Marie (Cook) Aldridge says:

    Beautiful pictures. We were out driving this afternoon and the leaves were mostly gone. Only through Augusta we saw some beautiful trees. Lots of beautiful individual trees throughout the Stendal back roads….i think we were a week too late.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks again for the memories!

  3. Anonymous says:

    its been many years, thank you for the memories…I would love to go on that drive again….

  4. Beautiful Autumn colours – and I love that bridge!

  5. Sherry Lamey says:

    Who needs any scenery more beautiful than we have in Pike county ?? All four seasons offer us spectacular sights. Thanks so much for all of your efforts maintaining this site. We love it! Tractor drive this year drove over some of these same areas but trees were not as bright on the 27th of Sept. But we had gorgeous weather so who could complain!
    Thanks again for all of your efforts .
    Jim and Sherry Lamey

  6. Map of Time says:

    It was a beautiful fall this year, wasn’t it? My only gripe is that it didn’t last long enough. Can you imagine what Brown County must have looked like?!

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