Just Some More Winslow Grocery Store History

I purchased my second calendar plate from one of the many grocery stores that Winslow had nearly a hundred years ago.

There seemed to be a store every block or two.  Usually in someone’s home.

This one is a 1918 Calendar plate from S. Tary Cash Grocery in Winslow.  I think it is really gorgeous.  I do not know where this store was.

S. Tary Grocery, 1919 Calendar Plate, Winslow, Indiana

S. Tary Grocery, 1918 Calendar Plate, Winslow, Indiana

Also check out this blog for a little of the Richardson family history.


This is a photo of Ira Richardson’s store in Winslow.

Ira Richardson's Store in Winslow.

Ira Richardson’s Store in Winslow.


4 comments on “Just Some More Winslow Grocery Store History

  1. Jo Ann Brewster Radcliff says:

    I bought several antiques at Richardson store in Augusta

    • Marie (Cook) Aldridge says:

      I was thinking about that store, JoAnn. Ajac Richardson had it, then Claude Norrick. and also Doyle and Twiligah Russell ran it. I went to it several times with my Dad Cook and Grandma Cook.

  2. Eddie Casson says:

    What a find!!! Lovely!!!

  3. William Mynatt says:

    Thank you so much for the Grocery Store info. My ancestor William Ray Berlin lived in Winslow. In 1838 he was a Traveling Salesman working for the Piano Binders & Movers Company. In the early 1900s he owned and operated the Berlin Hotel in Winslow. He died in Winslow on 5 May 1923 and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. If you have any additional info on him please share. William Lee Mynatt

    Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 21:32:04 +0000 To: colbill@msn.com

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