The Coal Miner’s Cry Book

Normally I would not post anything for sale on here, but it is so rare to find one of these books of our coal mining history for sale on Ebay.  Or anywhere for that matter.  I have one and if you are interested in Pike County Coal Mining History and do not have one, now’s your chance.  The students at Pike Central High School put it together and published it in 1999.  I highly recommend it.

The Coal Miner's Cry

The Coal Miner’s Cry


3 comments on “The Coal Miner’s Cry Book

  1. Deborah Baker says:

    My aunt had a copy of this. I just found one via a private seller online. I paid $52. I can’t believe how things fall together and work out.
    I am going to pass this on to my brother – Bobby Tyring

  2. Linda Luff says:

    You do a wonderful job! I enjoy reading all of your articles. Please keep up the good work!
    Linda Luff

  3. Saundra Lucas says:

    If ever this book becomes available again I would love to buy it please

    Saundra Lucas

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