Tomatoes: Part One

I have not had much luck growing tomatoes the past several years.  I have moved them here and there, even on the other side of the house one summer.  I grew nothing, except for just a few to show for all of the work.

A guy was talking about them at work the other night, how his grandpa grew the best tomatoes.  His grandpa used his grandmother’s seeds, saving them every year.  He wished he had some of those seeds for the 5th generation.

Everyone has their own way of growing them.  This year I am bound and determined they will grow for me.

I traded for some good Winslow area horse poop from my friend Amber to put in the dirt.  I turned that dirt.

I went to Pike Central to the Ag Department Greenhouse and bought some gorgeous healthy plants those Pike County kids raised.  Just six plants, Better Boys.  That is enough for me.

I am going to mulch them with the Pike County Dispatch.

I am going to water them with rainwater coming off of my roof.

I am going to have tomatoes!

tomato3 tomato


3 comments on “Tomatoes: Part One

  1. Steve gieselman says:

    Rose: my uncle Gettis Roe used to raise tomatoes that were perfect in every way, he would bury the remains of his blue gill catch after cleaning them in the same area in the garden where he had the tomatoe plants, I thought he was crazy, but he raised the best I have ever seen. Also he would sucker the plants all through the grow/ bearing season and would save the seeds for next year

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be waiting!…:0)

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