I Grew Tomatoes

I have suffered from a fairly common blogger malady lately.  Bloggers tend to catch it after blogging for so long….its called “not blogging”.  I  don’t think you would say we ignore our blogs because I am always thinking about it and feel guilty for not being here.  I don’t forget about it.  I have a few binders full of stories yet to share.  So what have I been up to….

Growing things, harvesting and drying wild plants, canning things.  I have dried wild strawberry leaves for teas, dried echinacea and yarrow, dried mint.  I’ve made strawberry jam and blackberry jelly.  I’ve canned dill pickles, amish cucumber relish and vegetable relish.  Tomorrow I am canning salsa.  And I’m not done.  There are still peaches, pumpkins and apples yet to come.  I haven’t done this for 30 years and love doing it again.

I did manage to grow tomatoes.  I tended those things.  I pruned and checked them everyday.  We had plenty of rain and they looked very fine.  Then the storm came and layed them over.  They became a tangled up heap and it looks like one giant tomato plant out there.  I rolled a cage under the north side of them to keep them  off the ground.


Now it’s like a treasure hunt.  You really have to look for the red tomatoes in that jungle.  But they are there.


One of the joys of summer…standing at the kitchen sink eating a fresh picked sun warmed tomato as the juice drips down your arm.


10 comments on “I Grew Tomatoes

  1. Jennifer Dean says:

    You are one busy lady!! Enjoy your blogs!!

  2. Steve gieselman says:

    Better than standing at your kitchen sink eating a tomato with its juice running down your arm is taking your Salt shaker to the garden and see how many you can eat before you pass out!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dixie Russ says:

    Rose I love reading all that you share.
    It brings back good memories to me
    Thank you Dixie Russ

  4. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of dad’s garden when I was little. He planted so much stuff, mom canned/froze and pickled for weeks, but we stayed in great eats all winter long. One year dad hand dug the side of the hill behind the house. Got a lot of old railroad ties (I’ll never know how he transported them to the spot). He lined to
    hole with the ties, found some old metal sinks somewhere and put them in and covered it with dirt (all by hand). Walla, we have our own potato, onion and other veggies cold storage for the winter. Those were the good old days.

  5. Your tomatoes look great and so are your blogs !

  6. Eddie Casson says:


    Even though I believe ‘Perfection’ is a myth; Those tomatoes are as close as one can get!!!

  7. Donna Paul Bruce says:

    I really enjoy your stories. They surely take me back to Pike county. Good looking maters too.

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