Winslow CCC Camp 541

Today I decided I needed to have a little get away.  Just a day trip.  So I picked a cemetery in Sullivan County for a Kennedy ancestor that I did not have a grave picture for yet.  Rich and I took off.  GPS led us straight to the church.  A brand spanking new church with no cemetery in sight.  Apparently the coal mines brought out the old church and the cemetery is still there on active coal mine land somewhere.  Not something you just drive up to on a random Saturday afternoon.  Being from Pike County, I totally get this.  We enjoyed a picnic and visited the Lynn graves in Bicknell. None of this has anything to do with the CCC camp but….

A few days ago I had received an email from Shannon Hart who lives in Texas.  Her dad had served at the Winslow CCC camps in 1934 and she had some pictures she wanted to share.  She had come across this blog and was so nice to have gotten in contact with me.  Today I received the pictures.  She wanted them to go to someone who would appreciate their history.  What a treasure!!  I was as excited as a kid at Christmas.

She wrote:  “So glad I have found a new “home” for the pictures.  As I said they were in my dad, Herald Wilson Jones album.   Daddy was born in Herrin, Illinois, July 3, 1918, died in Temple, TX October 2, 1993.  He had talked a lot about the CCC camps.”

Winslow’s camp was out by where the ADM is now.


CCC 1934 My Buddy & J


1934 CCC Camp 541 Winslow, Ind.


These are the leaders


Number 3 barracks


Number 4 barracks


Number 5 barracks

Thank you again for the pictures Shannon.  Now, can my readers identify anyone in them?  Put your answers in the comments.  If you have any area photos to share, let me know.

Other Winslow CCC photos can be seen at: . I saw no photos here but there was information about our camp.  .  John Dedman has this history and a few other photos on the Winslow Eskimo website

This one is a history of the Pike State Forest Fire Tower and it is now a preservation project.  This is just a random picture but still pretty cool.



5 thoughts on “Winslow CCC Camp 541

  1. My dad was a “camp boy”. My grandpa Aaron told my mom to ‘stay away from those camp boys’. Obviously, she didn’t listen. The camp boys came to a church social; mom took one look at dad, and told her sister , Barb “I’m gonna marry that tall one”; and she did. I don’t see him in these pics, but I’ll continue to peruse them! btw . . . My mom was born – July 3, 1918!

  2. Rose – an interesting story told by my father about the Pike County Fire Tower, which the “boys” of the 541st help build. When they were nearing completion of the tower and were installing the flag pole on top, the were missing a “finial ball” for the top of the pole. One of the boys went into Winslow to the pool hall and acquired a billiards
    ball, which was installed as the finial. How long it lasted, I have no clue, but it made a great story. As a boy I climbed to the top of the tower many times (both up the stairs and up the outside framework) and never failed to look up to see if the pool ball was still there.

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