Winslow CCC Camp 541 – Part 2

The Keeton family has been so generous with their sharing for my blog stories. Their ancestors lived and worked in the area with mine. My Mammaw always talked about the crush she had on Ed Keeton. Pappaw John and Kitty told stories on each other until they were both gone.  I sure miss their generation and wish I had listened more.

Perry Keeton shared these photos of his father, Lawrence Keeton from the CCC camp in Winslow.









3 thoughts on “Winslow CCC Camp 541 – Part 2

  1. Hi, Thanks for posting pictures of Winslow Camp Goose Hill. My husband’s father Jerry Bostic was there late 1933 until spring 1934. I haven’t been able to spot him in the photos so far but will need to look more closely. Seeing pictures of the camp and his co-workers brings his CCC experience to life for the family. Jerry grew up in Decatur and Ripley counties (Indiana).
    I will look through a box of old family photos and see if I can find any camp pictures.
    Thanks again. Terry Koch-Bostic NY

  2. Hi, I found this blog doing research about the CCC Camp at Winslow, Indiana. My father, who has passed away, talked about his time in the CCC at Winslow. He planted trees for Pike State Forest.

    I saw one of the pictures posted by Perry Keeton of several photos and a list of names. Unfortunately, the photo if too blurry to make out faces or names. I would love to see a more clear photo or better yet the real thing if possible. I’m just looking for my dadI the pictures. His name is Bernard (Ben) Wiencek and he was from Michigan City, Indiana. Thanks for any help.

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