1921 Muren Browns Baseball Team

One hundred years ago in our county, baseball was a popular sport.  Every little community had their home team.  Their games were well attended and rivalry was big.  Unlike today, it didn’t take a lot of money to play the sport you enjoy.  They didn’t have to have the fanciest ball fields.  Every neighborhood had a dirt lot that was a ball field.

Not much is left of the old Muren anymore.  As many places as I have lived, Muren will still be my home stomping grounds.  We moved a lot, but always seemed to come back there.

My Aunt Jane McCandless shared this photo of the Muren Browns with me that her husband, Elwood McCandless had.  The year was 1921.


This was an enhanced version of the original.

#1 Midge Eddington, #2 Condo Conder, #3 Curtis McCandless, #4 Hobart McCandless, #5 Lawrence Humes, #6 Paulie Wade, #7 Frank Norrick, #8 Elmer Quiggins, #9 Sherman Loveless (absent when picture was taken) , Umpire Samp Hopkins, Manager King Whitman


The original


Team names

3 thoughts on “1921 Muren Browns Baseball Team

  1. Wonderful photos and story. My Grandfather (James Haskell Morton)played for Muren Browns awhile around this time before he moved to Bicknell, Indiana to work in ‘American # 1 mine there. He was born in 1897. He also played for the Winslow baseball team some when he moved back into area working for RR.in 1930s. He was big baseball fan until he passed in 1974. Thanks.

  2. I got interested in Winslow because of coal. Hope that makes some sense. My grandfather, born in 1869, told my dad (1921) that only sissies used ball gloves, but he bought my dad a glove that I still have.

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