So what all is really here? And left of what was? Who are the people from the past? What is still here left behind from the past?  And what are we doing now?

It seems the coal mines and progress in general have taken so much. But every now and again you will find something that says “I have been here a long time and I have a story.”

My Grandfather’s family is the Evan’s family. Many of them are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery which is only a few blocks from my home. My grandfather always told my grandmother he wanted to be buried there with his folks. She told him it depended on who went first. He went first and she put him with her family at Williams Cemetery. I have researched his family, just because they are local, easy to find, and actually very interesting. Many of their graves are in distress at Oak Hill Cemetery.  I walk there quite often. I have a passion for cemeteries, for whatever reason. They are quiet and interesting, I can spend hours there and it is good for my soul. I would like to start a restoration project at the old section of Oak Hill Cemetery. I have been researching, contacting people and I believe I may do it when life allows it.  But along with my grandfather’s family, there are so many others of the early families in the area, each with a story to tell.

Here I will try to tell their stories. I will try to tell the stories of objects found. I will try to tell the stories of people, places and things that were and some that no longer are. I will also post from the present.  I invite comments and guest blogs from other families from the area to share their photos and stories.   I not only like the facts, but also the folkore passed down through the generations.

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  1. My family–ESAREY– has had some great story tellers of Indiana– one is Logan Esarey (Indiana historian/IU professor and my grandfather–Elisha Esarey(he enjoyed writing poems also)
    I was born and raised in Pike county//went to school at Stendal and Winslow

  2. Oak Hill cemetery brings back many memories for me. Not only are many of my ancesters buried there, but the cemetery and the road down “Goose Hill” were the main spots to sled when we had enough snow. I fondly remember one decent snow fall in the mid to late 1960’s (probably 5 or 6 inches) when several young people spent the day “preparing the hill”. We poured water down the hill in the back of the cemetery to create a very slick sled run and built ramps to jump sleds off. That evening, I’d bet there were 50 or more kids and adults there that night gathering around a bonfire and riding sleds. Someone brought a galvanized metal Coca Cola sign (round sign that road like/better than one of today’s plastic discs). Kids rode the sign down the hill as well as sleds. It’s a great memory for me of growing up in Winslow, Indiana!

    • Yeah… I remember that coca cola “sled”. I took my sled to the cemetary one morning after the bonfire. As I came to the bottom of the hill, I couldn’t turn my sled fast enough and cut off my finger on the coke sign. It scared my cousin so bad he ran back to my grandmother’s house that was at the bottom of the cemetary hill and left me behind. My parents took me to Oakland City to the “hospital” where I spent the next few days. Looking back, I was upset about my finger. I was upset about a pair of new gold colored knit gloves that had to be cut off my hand. I really loved those gloves.

  3. I found your blog compliments of my cousin, Gail(Baize)Grove, 1952 graduate of WHS. I am interested in anything associated with Winslow. My ancestors settled in Jefferson township from 1815-1835. My grandparents farmed near Cato until moving to Winslow in 1927. My father graduated from WHS in 1940. I have fond memories of first visiting Winslow in the 1950s. Most of my ancestors are buried in the Willis, Flat Creek and McClure cemeteries near Cato.

    I understand your concern for cemetery maintenance. I return to the area twice a year to do genealogy research and visit the cemeteries. I am also concerned with restoration in the Willis and Flat Creek cemeteries. I would appreciate being able to contact any local individuals who also have an interest in the Willis cemetery. As far as I know, all of the immediate family has moved from Pike county or passed away.

    I look forward to reading future comments on your blog.

  4. I am sorry to tell you the picture listed for the Pike County Courthouse in the Indiana Historical Society Pictures is Not the Pike County Courthouse of Petersburg, Indiana.
    I have sent them a letter notifying them as well.

  5. Please send me a .jpg file of William R. Berlin who appears on your website. I had never before seen a photo of my Great Great Grandfather. I descend from he and his first wife Anna Little Berlin.


  6. I came across the ancestor chart and history of the family of Lindsay & Bryant of Pike Co by Ken Lindsay. I feel you would love to have this on your webpage for people to read: James Bryant and his wife Margaret Scott. Their home was located where the Winslow Post Office now stands he says in his article. He also covers the Green family of Pike County.

  7. I also found the family history for James and Mary Polly Bryant by Ken Lindsay. I typed in his book title, “Grandpas, Inlaws and Outlaws” and it goes to the websites you can view, but from here I then went into the listing for:
    RootsWeb: LINDSAY-L Archives (June 2007)
    [LINDSAY] Grandpas, In-laws and Outlaws. Re: · From here you can go into anything on that page and enter in Ken Lindsay’s information. He has did a super piece of work!
    He has listed the Patoka Grove Church and William Cemetery. Great reading.

  8. I was born close to Sulphur, IN. 1932. My parents, James and Lillian (Land) Esarey moved to Winslow in 1949. I am living in Florida. 160 Oak Lane, Zolfo Springs 33890.

    • Hello, Ms. Russell,
      I believe your parents rented a little house from me in the late 1950’s or early ’60s just south of the State Park Road. I remember there were several of you kids, but the only name I can recall was Tommy’s. (I apologize, but I’m 84 now and don’t remember anything very well. Didn’t your dad, Jim, do saw mill work? I do remember that the oldest girl at home at that time didn’t have the money to get a dress for the Senior Prom (I think it was) the year she was graduating, so my wife and I helped her out.
      I’d like to hear from you if I’m correct about your family. But would also appreciate a reply of “No” if I’m not right, so that I know you got and read my e-mail. Thank you very much. Bill Berlin

    • Can I just say ‘Hello’ to Twighla Russell? We were neighbors a few years ago. Our sons were friends. We are still in Oakland City, In. Hanging along, just a bit older. Like everyone..arthritis…etc..
      Joyce & John Truitt

    • Twighla –
      This is Charles Gieselman Winslow 1950. A James Esarey came to Winslow HS in my Junior year from Levenworth, IN. We were very good friends. I was also born ion 1932. Why did I not know of you during HS? ie: Why were you not iin my class? James lived out by the Iron Bridge and MsCord’s Ford. Was he a relative?

      • Yes, Charles, We always called him Daniel but he wanted to go by his other name, James.
        I was a senior at Leavenworth HS (graduated at 16) and wanted to finish school with my friends, so I stayed with family friends. Almost immediately after graduating in 1949, I went to Indianapolis to work for American United Life Insurance. My Mom had two sisters who lived there. I was there until I married Doyal Russell in 1952.

  9. My husband, Doyal R. Russell, and my brother Daniel James Esarey graduated from Winslow in 1950. Daniel spent time in the Navy and died of a heart attack when he was 42. Buried at Petersburg, Walnut Hills.

    Twighla Esarey Russell

    • Twighla,
      I was born at Littles, Pike Co., In in 1927. In one of the Coal Mine renters old houses. Moved to Oakland City about 1935. We lived at merritt Island, Fla for a short time. John got homesick for Oakland City so we came back. (haha) I remember you once saying that you liked me, so jut thought I’d say, I liked you,, too.

  10. Hi my name is James Walter Risley i was born in 1949 on top of goose hill in my parents house.. My grand father and grand mother was Walter and Hatie Risley. My parents was Chester and Imogene Risley. I just went down to winslow for the 100th aniversary of are school and got to meet a lot of old friends and class mates that i have not seen in 40 years it was great. Winslow sure brought back the memories of a fun child hood.

  11. I have a xerox copy of a postcard of the Ayrshire Patoka Collieries Corp, Patoka Mines. If you have not seen it, I would be glad to scan it and send you a copy. Let me know.

  12. I would like to read of your restoration project. I think that it would generate more stories in the process. You should start even if it is a little at a time. One step leads to a larger one that leads to history. Good read.

    • I hope to maybe begin this year. Unfortunately life got in the way the last couple of years and changed my priorities. It’s funny like that 🙂

  13. No we don’t have a sister city. I noticed the other day when I was researching that a historical buildling here in town, The Palace Lodge has a wikipedia page.

  14. I’m really happy to find this blog. Back in the 1940’s my mother and I spent considerable time with my grandparents, Mary C. and Oliver P. Barnett, while my dad was at sea. I lived with them in Winslow for several months toward the end of WWII. My wife and I are contemplating a drive from Austin to Winslow later this year, just for me to see what the town looks like now, visit my grandparents grave, etc. Info on this blog will be very useful to us.

    • Thank you for the compliment. Whenever you visit the genealogy department at the library in Petersburg has a lot of useful information also.

      • I don’t know if you’re still blogging here, but — I’m Lenore Harriman, the sister of Randy Harriman, above (2013). I’ve been reviewing family history, and plan to visit Winslow in a couple of months to visit several family graves and just look around. I appreciate the tip on the Petersburg library. Lookd like the Methodist Church is no longer in use, probably the only building I would’ve recognized.

  15. I am so glad I get all these stories , get to read them. I never lived in Winslow, but was born in Hosmer? a 4 row house that belonged to the Littles man. It was the house on the end of 4 built in a row. We moved to Oakland City later after spending a few years in Dongola.
    My aunt Dorothy Simmons lived in Muren. She has a daughter, Susan DeJarnett who lives in Colorado at the time but weent to school in Winslow. And a son Donald DeJarnett who passed a couple years ago.
    Anyway, I have heard a lot about Muren from Dorothy.
    Joyce DeJarnett Truitt

  16. It’s spring time in winslow the Rivers are flooding and the trees are blooming Winslow itself may not be looking as good as in the 50’s thur the 70’s but spring time in pike county is alway pretty.

  17. My husband, Doyal Russell’s nephew, Kendall Simmons always finds a lot of mushrooms. It’s about time, isn’t it? Twighla Mae Esarey Russell/

    • Yes. My dad was good friends with them. He still lives across the road from Quicks Garage. It’s still standing. Dad’s big blue building was built from the old railroad cars that Quicks had from Winslow derailment.

  18. My mom’s family have been long time residents of Pike co.indiana. She was born Golden Hughes at the Old DeyDetar place 1907. Her dad was Hiram Corinth (Rhent) Hughes. He was a coal miner and at one time state auditor for their union. . His grandpa was Hiram H.Hughes who married Martha Melvina Dean nee English. Hiram H.grandfather was George S.Hughes. My grandmother was Martha Beard Hughes daughter of hugh Beard and Elzins Walker Beard. . Hughes line go back to Bedent Beard and Abigail Hargrove. Other direct lines are Robert Johnston and Martha Ralston. Another direct line is three Thomas JeffersonSavory English an early school teacher in the county. These lines encompass many more Pike Co.lines. Moms siblings were Cecil,Bonnie Beutaun and Huey. I would dearly love to see pics or documents of any of those lnes.or the mines

    • Sorry I ment to say that mom was born at the old Hathaway place. My grandma was a folk medicine doctor and a midwife. If Dr.Detar couldn’t get to Logtown they called upon my grannie. She passed a lot down to me and it sure helped me get through nursing school later in my life. Of course it was sprinkled with a lot of old wives tales ie a pregnant woman marking her baby. But lots of wonderful information too. Anyone else have this in their family?

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