Memories are a funny thing.  Some remain elusive and others seem like they happened just yesterday.  This blog contains many of my memories.  My younger brother and I spent the day in Cannelton this summer doing some family research.  I discovered that even though we were side by side through the years, his memories of the exact same event will be different than mine.   When writing  about past events, you just can’t be wrong.  Don’t worry about being corrected.  It is just someone else’s memory of the same event.  One is not right or wrong when it comes to memories.   Share your memories!

A lot of facts are actually someone else’s memories of an event.  Dates, places and even names can be different.  Again, are we right or wrong?  Do I accept my grandfather’s family folklore of an event as fact or do I accept what I read in Goodspeeds 1885 history of that same event?    Both are someone’s memories.  Census, court records and cemeteries are usually dependable records, but the memories are open for discussion.

So please, leave comments and guest posts, discuss facts and share memories on my blog.  I’ve been asked for my mailing address for folks without a computer.

My email address is:

My mailing address is:

Rose Beyke, PO Box 431, Winslow, IN 47598

18 thoughts on “MEMORIES AND FACTS

  1. Rose,
    Thanks for the ‘like’ on Rosie’s blog. So glad we met when I was home. Your husband is a little particular about his chairs, isn’t he? Nice of you both to welcome me into your home. Keep writing! The history you are uncovering, and revealing, and sharing, is important to so many lives. I’m back in town in October. I’ll drop by, say hi. Mitch

    • I have not stopped writing although it may appear so. I had a summer cold that turned into something nasty that lasted six weeks. And during that time we had new floors put in. Blah. Do stop by again, you can sit wherever you want :;)

  2. Hi Rose
    I am looking for the Joda (Jodie Lee Simmons) and his wife Louisa Aline Bolin family. (they are probably dead now) Their children are Joan, Jackie, Jerry and Jerald. The family is from Muren. Do you know any of them by chance? Thanks so much!! If anyone knows of this family, I will make a trip to visit. I would love to be in on a town reunion.

  3. I just came upon your web site and am enjoying all I read and see. My parents lived in Winslow around 1937. They lived on a farm that belonged to a doctor in the area. My father farmed the land for the doctor. The doctor’s name was Joseph H. Willis. My parents are no longer alive,, but I am researching my heritage. I will be driving to Darmstadt and Haubstadt on Friday of this week to do further research. I plan on driving through Winslow in hopes of finding the farm that my parents lived on. Would you by any chance have any knowledge of such a farm? Anything you know and can share would be appreciated.

    • I am not sure if this is the farm you would be talking about, but there is a Willis Farm out on the end of Factory Street that I think has been in the family for years. When you drive up to the apartments on the end of Factory Street, the farm is the only one you can see on the left side of the road. I think some of the family still lives there.

  4. Thanks so much! I will try to verify with my uncle (whose 91) who lives in Wheatland if that address sounds correct to him. He has a keen memory and will have a good idea. If it is the same place, I would like to photograph it for a part of my geneology records.

    • Google Factory Street Winslow Indiana. Go to the satelite view and you will see the farm on the left up there at the end of the street.

  5. As an aside to your remark, remember that Goodspeeds went all over the country advertising that they were publishing a book about the area and would like to have submissions. Many ‘submissions’ were right on and others were shall I say ‘enhanced’ versions of a family’s importance. Facts were not confirmed or verified so you got to tell history pretty much the way you wanted to!

  6. HI I love this cite. My mother was raised in Hosmer (Glezen) and her father worked in the Little’s mine. Do you know if there are any Brocks or Hawkins still in that area? They would probably be related. My grandfather was Louis (Dude) Blythe Barnes and was raised by his grandparents who were Brocks. I would love to go through and see the area but, I am in San Antonio, Texas I would love to hear from someone.

  7. I’ve been doing some Genealogy searches for a Anna Summers to denote her parentage ( Jones – Maiden ) ( She may of been a Coleman in an Early Marriage ) and I came up on this blog ! My most important message to Winslow and Pike is to please stop filling out your government forms by using your nick names ! She had a brother named William Jones in Petersburg – Cordelia Jones in Linton – AKA – Della Jones – Sally Jones who moved to Cleveland – Guess I’ll check with the library Monday morning but if any one has any insight , I’d be glad to hear from which would be an appropriate time to use your nickname !

  8. I am trying to do some research on my family who were from Winslow. Grant Lucas and Nellie Graves. I know that Grant was a miner. Do you by any chance have any information on this family?

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