An Author Comes to Town: And He’s From Winslow!

I am just so darn excited when I find a book written by someone from the Winslow area.  I hope it will me someday.

A while back I started following a blog written by Eddie Casson.  Eddie went to WHS and grew up out by the State Forest on a farm.  I remembered him from school. He was a few years older than me and hung out with my friend Nyla Riddle sometimes.  He tells of his struggles growing up gay in Indiana.  The farm stories were such good reading and a piece of our past here at home.  People and places we all know.  Things so many of us can relate to.  He shared these on the blog (at the right on my links) as he was working on his memoir and getting his book published.

His dream finally came true!  He has a book.  He used some of my good friend Amber Ball’s photos in it.  It’s a must read for everyone from the area.


Amber and I met up with Eddie at his book signing at the Petersburg Library on November 7, 2016.  I have my signed copy and am about halfway through it already.  I love the story about Old Hannah and always love Mammaw stories.  Anyone’s Mammaw stories 🙂


Amber Ball, Eddie Casson and me.

Eddies book is available on Amazon.  Kindle unlimited it is free, Kindle or paperback available for purchase.  I think Marge’s Hallmark is carrying some copies also.


Memorial Day 2013: A Patriotic Story & A Parade

I was glad to be working third shift today so that I could attend the Annual Memorial Day Parade in Winslow this afternoon at 2:00 pm.   I also saw this heart tugging story of Winslow High School sweethearts during the 1940’s WWII on Fox News.

This is the story on Fox News:

“Laura Mae Davis Burlingame — she married an Army Air Corps man in 1945 — had gone to the New Orleans museum on April 24 looking for a display commemorating the young Marine who had been her high-school sweetheart.

“I figured I’d see pictures of him and the fellows he’d served with and articles about where he served,” she said.

She was stunned to find the diary of the 22-year-old machine gunner.

Curator Eric Rivet let her take a closer look, using white gloves to protect the old papers from skin oils. It was the first time in his 17 years of museum work that someone found “themselves mentioned in an artifact in the museum,” Rivet said.

The diary was a gift to Jones from Davis. They had met in the class of ’41 at Winslow High School. “He was a basketball player and I was a cheerleader,” she said.”

Read more:

I was disappointed to see the Main Street so empty of citizens honoring those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom in this country.  I know what that Main Street looks like during a Little League parade.  Wouldn’t you think even more people would turn out for this parade?

Most of us had fathers and grandfathers who fought in a war.  Several of us still have sons, grandsons and husbands fighting in the current wars.  I know several people are honoring the war dead in other places.  God bless them all.  We must remember to be patriotic and hold Memorial Day in our hearts as it was intended to be.

South Main Street during the Memorial Day Parade

South Main Street during the Memorial Day Parade

North Main Street during the Memorial Day Parade

North Main Street during the Memorial Day Parade

Honoring those who've gone before

Honoring those who’ve gone before

Honoring those who've gone before.

Honoring those who’ve gone before.

Patriotic golf carts & citizens

Patriotic golf carts & citizens

Children being patriotic

Children being patriotic